I am the Jesus-following, sneaker-wearing, camera-shooting, hip-hop/rock/house-listening, tech-using, geek-living Pregan Pillay. My life is inspired by tech and different art forms, whether it’s graffiti, sneakers or even good food.  I am the owner of an esports photography company called Headshot Hustle and I co-host a podcast called Geeks N the Hood with my younger brother, Vishal Pillay.

Christian: My mission as a Christian is to follow Jesus and fulfil His mission! I have been serving in my local church since 2009 as a digital media consultant, sound engineer and youth leader. I love using the talents that God gave me to sow back into the church.

Husband: One of my biggest accomplishments in life is marrying the woman of my dreams. Her level of crazy happens to match my level of crazy. The most important part of our marriage is keeping God as our rock and foundation. I am not a perfect husband (nearly there) but I will always love her more than she ever knows.

Photographer: I have a knack for telling stories through photos and love photography.

Techie: I love using tech and the internet to expand the church and to make life easier for the people around me.

Gamer: I’m a casual gamer. I love Counter Strike: GO, Call of duty, Halo, Tekken, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Ace Combat.

It’s morphin’ time! I found my inspiration in a blog post by Phil Schneider on Church Mag:

“What the Church needs is a strong core in the middle: people who understand technology on a practical, theoretical, and philosophical level who acknowledge both the insufficiencies and impact of technology in helping us advance the Kingdom. Why? Because our society is only going to become more tech-obsessed. No one is looking at the Amish and saying, ‘On second thought, the 18th century is where it’s at!’ Our tech saturation will only increase.”

That really hit home for me. I want to bridge that gap for people on both sides of the spectrum and have fun doing it.

PS. My life is a boiling cauldron brewed with all things tech and geek related. This site is where all the components of my life come together to form the Mega Zord that is Pregan Pillay.